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tirs. 22. okt.


Knock Knock Comedy Club

English Knock Knock Mic

Watch comedians create material right in front of you! A night where established comedians, upcoming talents and brand new faces tests new jokes or make the last changes before a show.

English Knock Knock Mic
English Knock Knock Mic

Tid og sted

22. okt. 2024, 20.00 – 22.00 CEST

Knock Knock Comedy Club, Vimmelskaftet 41, 1161 København, Danmark

Om showet

At Knock Knock’s open mic, you experience the process that can turn a crazy idea into the thing that makes you laugh till your stomach hurts (or just gives you a headache). Some of the comedians you have might have seen on TV, others you might see for the first (and last) time. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a new favorite. Either way, nothing beats the feeling of being present in the moment, where the magic happens. Our intimate club creates the perfect setting for a night of fun, and we promise you, that the experience goes way beyond the stage.


Some practical details:

  • Doors open one hour before the show - come and let your stand-up comedy evening begin in our cozy lounge bar - enjoy the atmosphere and one of our many delicious cocktails, a cold draft beer or something delicious from our non-alcoholic selection.
  • Show is 15+
  • Please check-in at the bar. You must be able to present your ticket, either on your mobile phone or printed out.
  • The bar is open after the show - you are welcome to stay and have a beer with the comedians - or your friends.

Important: Please arrive in good time - preferably 30 minutes before the start of the show so there is plenty of time to hang up your jacket, have something at the bar and find a good seat.

Most important: Look forward to a wonderful stand-up comedy experience!

The fine print:

  • Doors close 15 minutes prior to show start
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the program.
  • Tickets are only refunded or exchanged in the event of a canceled show.
  • We reserve the right to reject anyone/any group if there is one or more people in the group who are clearly intoxicated. The same applies if anyone/one or more people from a group disturbs during the show. In both cases, the tickets are non-refundable.


  • Standard ticket

    30,00 kr.
  • Student ticket

    0,00 kr.


0,00 kr.

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